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10 reviews for 2-FMA POWDER

  1. Corine

    Very good product. 100%
    I ordered this product for my lab. I used it to study chimiluminescence of larger molecules and it’s ability to produce light in a specific reaction to create a short bust of specific wavelength for a type of laser.

    Great product, great quality. Store it in a place without heat or light to preserve it. Don’t forget to wear gloves, goggles and protective mash when handling chemicals.

  2. Damiam

    Good quality
    Quality product, testing indicates it performed best when used only orally, and there was no redosing

  3. Paulo

    I have researched with this substance a few times over a period of 2 years. Great for functionality. Quality is always decent. At first it were crystals, last few times it’s been powder but the quality is the same. Packaging is discrete and packages have always arrived within a few days of placing the order

  4. Eve

    QUALITY-PRICE Very Honnest
    Great quality, price is great for the product compared to some other vendors, perfect packaging,

    I recommend !!


  5. Robert

    Nice Product
    Best functional stim in my opinion, it’s my first time on RC and I’m happy by the Customer service ! By the way this 2-FMA is one of the purest that I got for my research, the lab is satisfy !

  6. Max

    High %, react as it should but pls guys keep those crystals CLEAN. that would be much appreciated since your service is always top 😉

  7. Camilla

    good quality product. keep it in fridge, it is very fragile

  8. Rex

    Interesting product for some, boring for others.
    Very good quality no matter what. I can spend hours working on

  9. Vlad

    Seemed like 2015-era 2-fma aka pure. Smart stealth, good customer service, fast shipping to Eastern EU.

  10. Rach

    This is a very functional amphetamine
    Pleased with the Premium Chem Lab that handled everything very professionally

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