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25I-NBOMe Blotter, Because it has received a lot of negative coverage in the media and has caused multiple fatalities,  doesn’t have a good reputation. Nevertheless, it’s typically safe at common doses and some people enjoy its effects

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Buy 25i Nbome Blotter


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7 reviews for Buy 25i Nbome Blotter

  1. Clean results

    My lab’s results came back as expected, even when given via IV. reccomended for in depth research purposes.

  2. Stepper

    Great quality, awesome research tool
    Fast shipping and finest quality.
    100 per cent satisfied

  3. Good

    All good as usual! Very good results in the laboratory with this product. Thanks guys

  4. Jackie

    think of this as the perfect mix of love and focus. its some of the cleanest stuff ive tried in its class though is has the speedy effect of killing your appetite for about 12 hours from your last redose. its closer to MDA than MDMA or PMA imo, youll be able to pee going off of my experience and youll retain a relatively clear headspace throughout. tastes like utter shit and has no anesthetic proporties so avoid sniffing, bombing it is the way to go. dose light at first i had mixed reactions from the group at 50mg so make sure you start low so you have to room to increase if you want

  5. Dank

    Delicate and functional:)

  6. Vinz

    Interesting compound, keep’s you alive and kicking to reach your personal goals.very functional

  7. Alexandre

    Perfect intermediate Product for moderate research to intense work in Lab !
    I think it’s a great alternative to Usual Stims because of the results I get with my lab rats :

    – low to moderate quantity gives them a interesting functionnal activity

    – High doses are giving an intense psy and physical activity to my rats.

    I recommend again, PCL do the Job !!!

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