3-MMC crystal

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3-MMC crystal

General product information 3-MMC crystal

Chemical composition of 3 mmc crystals:

3-MMC, or mmc 3-methylmethcathinone, consists of a molecule of a

substituted cathinone, a subcategory of  amphetamines.

The chemical formula is C11H15NO.

3-MMC and other cathinones are β-keto-amphetamines, they differentiate

themselves by their ketone substitution on beta-carbons of their amphetamine skeleton.

3-MMC “3 methylmethcathinone” is the legal successor of 4 mmc.

Rc Crystals

Operation of 3-MMC

The composition of this new psychoactive substance  3-MMC gives

in some users the effects are that they have a strong urge to become very active.

They talk little about sleep and a lot about sex.

Users feel alert and more confident with 3-MMC crystals.

3-MMC crystals provide an extremely stimulating energy.

Studies indicate that the action of 3-MMC crystals leads to a  higher  musical

appreciation can lead, one gives a physical euphoria to go running and dancing.

Buy high quality 3-mmc.


The RCT has many years of good service when buying 3 mmc ,

so we can guarantee the highest quality for every product.

The research chemicals we sell in the webshop, including 3-mmc

meet our high standards and are processed in the most careful way

transported, stored and kept in cool, dry places.

If you buy 3 mmc at RCT, all products have a fair price.

We do not sell products to persons under the age of 18!

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When you buy your designer drug at RCT, we ensure that your order is delivered quickly,

is delivered safely and discreetly to your home, if possible by post.nl.

Buying and ordering 3-MMC or another research chemical with iDeal, credit card, Bitcoin or bank transfer, at the RCT it is all very easy.

Ordering is easy see: “view order”

Discreet transmission of 3-MMC crystals.


Despite the fact that designer drugs are now legally available on the internet

As RCT, we strive to send our packaging as discreetly and safely as possible.

The product is placed in a click bag before being placed in a well-closed packaging

in a mylar bag which is injected with anti-dog spray.

(This applies to all Designer Drugs & Research Chemicals)


Orders placed before 4 p.m. will be delivered the next day by PostNL.




Lab tested results 3-MMC crystals.

We publish all lab results of each research chemical on a pdf file.

That our 3-mmc always meet the working ingredients and can be openly seen by everyone.

Each product has a description of the relevant Research Chemical

and includes a downloadable PDF file with the lab results.

As a result, you are always assured of good quality 3-MMC.

No sale of research chemicals to persons under 18!

Safely investigating 3-MMC

Little is known about how Research Chemicals work.

Like other drugs, misuse of research chemicals can buy

cause skin or eye irritation.

3-MMC and other RCs are not intended for human consumption.

Keep the research chemicals away from open flames or extreme heat,

always read the information and safety recommendations provided first.

Inhalation of research chemicals can cause respiratory damage




Possible risks with 3-MMC use.

Keep out of reach of children and avoid release to the environment.

We do not deliver products without knowing a verified owner,

these verified owners are reviewed by our support team.

If you get the so-called research chemical in your eyes after buying 3 mmc, rinse with lukewarm water.

After inhalation of an RC that causes respiratory problems,

take the person to fresh air to facilitate breathing and let them rest.


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  1. Tom

    pris sous forme de comprimés c’est calme doux et existant a la fois! mes rats de laboratoire étaient love!

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